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Total Health Screening Promotion

Ormond Beach Family Vet is running a special promotion from 5/2/22 – 7/31/22. Get peace of mind with this Family Perks program, Total Health Screening, to help us catch potential health issues that would otherwise go undetected and untreated. We’ve partnered with industry leader, IDEXX, to provide a comprehensive total health screening at a discounted rate. This package includes multiple tests to make sure your pet is in tip top shape. We have two breed specific screenings – one for canines & one for felines. Book your appointment online today!

Total Health Canine Screening includes:

  • Chem 27, IDEXX SDMA Test (for early stage renal disease)
  • IDEXX CBC (bloodwork)
  • Lab 4Dx Plus Test (heartworm, lyme, ehrlichia, anaplasmosis)
  • Fecal Test (hookworm, roundworm & whipworm antigens)
  • and a FREE Urinalysis
  • Get the full Total Health Screening for $135.00


Total Health Feline Screening includes:

  • Chem 25, IDEXX SDMA Test (for early stage renal disease)
  • IDEXX CBC (bloodwork)
  • Fecal Test (hookworm, roundworm & whipworm antigens)
  • Lab Feline Triple Test (heartworm, feline leukemia & feline immunodeficiency virus)
  • total T4 (thyroid)
  • and a FREE Urinalysis
  • Get the full Total Health Screening for $135.00



ReFUR A Friend Program

Do you love Oaklandon Family Vet and want to scream it from a mountain top? How about you simply tell a friend about our animal hospital? If you refer a friend, you both will receive an entry into our monthly drawing for a grand prize! To refer a friend, all your friend will have to do is bring in your referral card to their first visit.

It’s a win, win. Get the word out to other Indianapolis pet owners who want their pets to get the best care in town. Hand out as many cards as you’d like, share our website with a friend or tag them on our Facebook or Instagram posts. Just make sure they mention that you referred them on their first visit!

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